2013 – a year for discoveries

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve, the last day of the calendar year. I have to apologize for being absent the last few weeks. I figured everyone was too busy shopping and baking and partying and preparing for the end of the world to read my thoughts about writing and editing. (Long pause.) Actually, I just forgot. Okay? I forgot to post the blogs I had written about voice. I presume no one was holding his or her breath in anxious anticipation though, so I’ll just start again next week.

In the meantime, I’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope you can look back on 2012 and embrace the nuggets of good in your writing journey — maybe some great feedback, maybe a contest win, or maybe just finishing a chapter that was giving you trouble — so that you’ll you want to keep going, keep writing those words and scenes you hear and see so clearly in your head, for the rest of us to enjoy. I hope, too, that you are looking forward to 2013 with renewed energy and enthusiasm to work hard and make each story better in some way. I hope when you take a long, hard look at the competition out there (and you should), that it doesn’t discourage you. Because there’s plenty — competition, that is.

The way I see it, though, there are still more readers than writers (most of whom are also readers). There are still people who go through two or three books per week (like I used to). There are still many, many readers looking for a new voice in fiction whose works they can follow. You know I’m right. How excited are you, as a reader yourself, when you plow through your mountainous TBR pile and pluck out a book by a new or unknown author whose words suck you into a land or time or situation that makes you forget the ordinary-ness of your own everyday world?

That excites me as a reader, and I’m betting it excites you as well. Aren’t you tempted then to go out and find the next book by that author, and the next?

That’s what I hope you’re hoping for in 2013, to be that new/unknown author. To be the one whose words bring a sense of joy, excitement, danger, sadness, love — whatever it is you’re trying to convey — to a reader. It can happen. You just need to keep working, listen to trusted feedback, work on your personal writing challenges, and write. Every day, write.

Happy 2013 … let’s make it the year of discoveries, for all of us.


After spending her life working with words in various roles in both government and the private sector, including a 10-year stint as a freelance line editor, lifelong grammar fanatic Leah Price is excited about putting her skills and knowledge to work as senior acquisitions editor for Edward Allen Publishing. She also writes commercial fiction under a pseudonym and knows how tough it is to get all the pieces in the story puzzle to fit, but she loves the journey.


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